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Core technology:
1.A non-contact high-precision measurement system based on advanced visual software algorithm and high precision optical design.
2.High speed automatic detection system based on advanced motion control system and efficient image processing algorithm.
3.A contactless 3D measurement system based on semiconductor laser technology and high precision optical design.
4.Automatic loading and unloading system based on advanced motion control system and robot integration.

Major business and technical systems:

Main business:
1. Design and manufacture of customized automation equipment.
2. Visual inspection and development of robot application.
3. Development of optical and laser integrated high precision measurement system.
4. Development of semiconductor seal production scheduling management software.
5. The design and manufacture of automatic production line.
6. The automatic transformation of the old equipment / production line.

JPM successful project case:
1, JPM-SBS product identification software system (based on product 1D & 2D bar code scanning control and anti dwell system):
In the existing production equipment (Die bonder & Wire Bonder), the bar code scan control anti stay system is implanted, the bar code of the product is scanned before production, and the information of the MES database is compared and analyzed in real time. When the material is mixed, the alarm will be stopped to ensure that the correct product is produced only.
The system has functions such as sweep code, comparison, alarm, data interaction, scanning data statistics and analysis, authority setting, Web data query and so on.
Hardware development environment: Windows 7 (64 bit) operating system, CPU:CORE i5-6200U 2.3GHZ


An application example of 2D barcode scavenger

JPM SBS bar code comparison anti stay software system

2. High precision "3D" fast measuring system (WI system):

Using a tool microscope to detect

Point laser sensor + drive carrier

CCD+ laser displacement sensor
Using a laser displacement sensor to detect the height,
Use CCD to detect width and location,
It is necessary to adjust the setting conditions, and it is very difficult to achieve synchronization.
It is difficult to find the volume and section area.

3D laser sensor detection

Support 3D detection using high data.
The height, area, volume, etc. can be detected.
The system requires a high precision moving platform
And strict positioning control mechanism.

New technology WI-5000 high precision "instantaneous 3D" measurement

WI-5000 automatic detector Case 1:BGA welding ball size detection Case 2:Connector size detection

LED device detection project Appearance detection of LED devices Height and coverage of microchip silver pulp Welding line arc height and quality

Application field of WI Technology
Serial number Industry Picture WI measurement WI 3D measurement
1 LED    
2 Welding
3 Copper plate
4 FPC  
5 Wafer

6 Engraved

7 Coil

8 Button

9 Mobile phone frame
10 Gumming
11 Chip packaging

Serial number Industry Picture WI measurement WI 3D measurement
12 PCB

13 Hardware components

14 Buzzer

15 Camera

16 Screw hole

17 Building materials surface

18 Camera lens

19 Test paper

20 Gumming

21 Wire harness

Please contact us for other applications.

3D visual camera Dual camera system DB/WB recognition program Molding decision program Testing interface

Visual inspection project

Wafer visual inspection

DB&WB visual inspection

Post road visual inspection

Visual inspection of final test

Testing station

The quality of the wafer appearance,wafer sawing

Die bond

Molding Electroplating, ball planting, cutting, etc.

Final Testing

Detectable content

Wafer size,angle Graphical character Defect detection such as Scratches, Pits Pollution, fragmentation

DB:Chip size detection, appearance defect detection, missing, position deflection, flatness, silver paste weight, climb

WB:Line arc defects collapse, line break, thread break, tail warping, line skew, line arc too high, leakage welding, etc.

Molding/Trim/Form:Plastic material is not fully filled, frame distortion, dislocation, chromatic aberration, porosity, damage, pin deformation, product direction, etc.

Plating electroplating:During the production process, the location of material and the direction of material installation, location and size of plating are detected.

Marking lettering:Lettering, inscription, direction, depth

Testing:Bend, damage, deflection, device surface defects, scratches, holes, stacking, tilt, direction, etc.

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