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IC Assembly Tools In the semiconductor rear channel packaging test, JPM can provide a full range of production tools, from wafer thinning cutting to final test ending.
1.Wafer Handling Tools
2.Lead Frame/ PCB Magazine
3.Die Bonding Tools
4.Wire Bonding Kits
5.QA Inspection Tools
6.Testing Tools
7.Jig & Carrier
Machining OEM Service
JPM has a series of precision processing equipment, including machining center, CNC lathe, grinding machine, electric spark, slow wire cutting and other technology, processing various precision mechanical parts for customers, including tungsten steel precision punch, casing and various precision mold accessories.
Part materials: cemented carbide, die steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and plastic.
Customized Automation Equipments
Based on JPM precision machining platform, loosely intelligent and efficient application and technology systems such as optical, mechanical, electrical, software and Internet of things, focusing on machine vision and robot application technology, all kinds of automation equipment are tailored for customers. It has been widely used in many fields, such as semiconductor sealing, electronic and automobile. Our main services:
1. Design and manufacture of customized automation equipment;
2. Visual inspection and development of robot application.
3. Development of optical and laser integrated high precision measurement system;
4. Development of semiconductor seal production scheduling management software.
5. The design and manufacture of automatic production line;
6. The automatic transformation of the old equipment / production line.
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Tel: 0510-82391968
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